Campofilone, Le Marche

Three siblings, Gabriele, Barbara and Attilio, learned the antique craft of pasta making from their grandmother Adelina, before opening their first artisanal pasta workshop in Campofilone, Le Marche. Maccheroncini di Campofilone is one of the region’s chief gastronomic delights. This rich, silky egg pasta has been produced in the region for over six hundred years, and in 2013 it became the first pasta to become IGP-protected in Italy, guaranteeing the authenticity, location and ingredients of the product worldwide.

 Drawn in bronze and stretched by hand on sheets of pure cellulose paper at low temperatures, this pasta is made with precision and tradition in mind. 

Today, Antica Pasta by Marcozzi of Campofilone continues to bring love and care to the craft, producing exquisite handmade egg pastas using select all-Italian ingredients, non-GMO Italian wheat and local, free-range eggs.

 They are one of 7 original producers from Campofilone, a small town in Le Marche with an antique pasta tradition dating back to the 1400s.