“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” – Federico Fellini

Zia Pia was born in 2013 out of Victoria Custodi’s love of great food and Italian culture.

Victoria, whose father was born in Puglia, and who has traveled extensively and lived throughout Italy, grew up appreciating the pure flavors of simple authentic Italian home cooking: real, fresh extra virgin olive oil, pasta, fresh garden vegetables. She named the company for her beloved aunt, or "Zia", Pia Custodi from Orvieto, Umbria. As extraordinary a woman as she was a cook, Pia seemingly effortlessly prepared her multi-course, hours-long meals from her tiny, 1950s-era kitchen and proudly served them, one dish at a time, to visiting family and friends. Today, Zia Pia aims to honor her memory and embody the values she held dear: simplicity, care, and quality ingredients.

Buon appetito!

Victoria has lived and traveled throughout Italy and has continuously been impressed by the Italian obsession with quality and pride in craftsmanship. Italian quality and design are behind every product that she hand selects, with a focus both on what’s  inside - whether olive oil, tomato sauce or artisan pasta - and the aesthetics of the package design. Finding beauty in the every day seems to be a natural way of being in Italy, and in the Italian lifestyle. Personal connection and savoring simplicity in the midst of chaos may be what is behind the grounding and affirming rituals like  “pausa pranzo.” Connecting with others over a plate of nourishing food is a daily reminder of the important things in life..

As we all get swept up in daily tasks, let’s stop and treat ourselves to a burst of beauty found right in the pantry...

...the bright, unmistakable flavor of authentic, fresh, extra virgin olive oil, the al dente bite of a steaming plate of pasta, the deep complexity of an aged balsamic… it’s all right here for us to enjoy, today. Zia Pia serves fine specialty gift, home and food retailers and restaurants, as well as home cooks everywhere. We look forward to sharing our foods with you.

“Even more than its Roman ruins or Renaissance art or the plain fact that lemons, tomatoes, and capers burst with more flavor on this boot-like stretch of Mediterranean soil than anywhere else on the planet, it’s the everyday life of Italy that makes it so addictive and extraordinary.” - Chris Bollen, Departures Magazine

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