Olives and Capers

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"Decisa" Olive, Anchovy and Caper Spread"Decisa" Olive, Anchovy and Caper Spread
Black Olive Spread / Tapenade
Passion of Sicily Sun-dried Tomato Spread
Sun-dried Tomatoes with Capers
Organic Pitted Black Olives
Olive and Anchovy Bruschetta
Capers in Sea Salt
Sea Salt with Capers
Pitted Black Olives
Sun-dried Tomatoes and Capers in Olive Oil
Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Caper and Turmeric Pate'
Kazzen Caper and Turmeric Pate'
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Organic Jumbo Table Olives
Caper Berries in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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