Montoggio, Liguria

The Minaglia brothers have been making artisan pasta for over 30 years from their hometown of Montoggio, in the Appennine mountains near Genoa. Pasta di Liguria is their authentic Italian, certified organic, artisanal pasta made in their hometown in Liguria. This region, which boasts both incredible coastlines and the picturesque Apennine mountain range, is home to one of Italy’s oldest pasta making traditions and healthiest local cuisines.

 Specializing in traditional shapes from the centuries-old tradition of pasta-making in the region, Pasta di Liguria offers an array of unique pasta types made with 100% certified organic, local ingredients and pure spring water. Extraction through bronze dies gives our pasta that distinctive roughness and porosity that allows the flavor to sink in and the sauce to bind perfectly.

 A long, natural drying process helps retain the flavors of the wheat whilest guaranteeing that classic al dente bite. From Croxetti to Trofiette, let Pasta di Liguria take you on a delicious journey through the Italian Riviera.