Organic Fusilli

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Fusilli, a corkscrew shaped pasta, has become a popular noodle in the United States. Often served with a chunky tomato sauce or meat ragu, the corkscrew shape allows the sauce to cling to the pasta. Originally made by rolling fresh spaghetti around thin rods, this pasta is a staple of southern Italian cooking. 

Pasta di Liguria produces authentic, artisanal organic pasta with only the finest organic Italian wheat and pure mountain spring water. The Ligurian region boasts both incredible coastlines and the picturesque Apennine mountain range. The local cuisine reflects both the bounty of the sea and the mountains and the distinct cultures of these contrasting landscapes. Pasta di Liguria, led by the Minaglia brothers specializes in pasta shapes unique to the region honoring centuries-old traditions of pasta making in Liguria.

Net weight: 500g/1.1lb

Ingredients: Organic durum wheat semolina, water.

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