Pasta di Liguria

Organic Bucatini

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Bucatini, a thick spaghetti with a hollow center, shaped like a straw, is traditionally served with a chunky tomato sauce or with a sauce of onion, pancetta, peperoncino and tomato. With its extra long ‘U’ shape from being hung to dry on canes, Pasta di Liguria’s Bucatini are ideal for hearty classic Italian pasta dishes.

Pasta di Liguria is authentic Italian, certified organic, artisanal pasta made by the Minaglia family from their hometown in Liguria. This region, which boasts both incredible coastlines and the picturesque Apennine mountain range, is home to one of Italy’s oldest pasta making traditions and healthiest local cuisines. Pasta di Liguria offers an array of unique pasta types made with 100% certified organic, local ingredients and pure spring water, the perfect gift for discerning foodies to create authentic and delicious Italian dishes at home.

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Net weight: 500g/1.1lb

Ingredients: Organic durum wheat semolina, water.