Gragnano, Campania

La Fabbrica della Pasta is located in Gragnano, a small town nestled in the hills surrounding  Naples that has been famous for its pasta production for over 500 years. Pasta from Gragnano is very different from ordinary pasta: it is made with high-protein Durum wheat which helps keep the pasta al dente, and spring water from the area which is light in calcium and other minerals, so it doesn’t change the structure of the semolina. It is extruded through a bronze die which gives the pasta a rough, porous texture that helps the sauce cling to each noodle, then it is dried at a low-temperature to maintain the quality and flavors of the wheat. 

La Fabbrica della Pasta has remained at the top of the twelve remaining pasta makers in the region (down from the original 300), and became the very first pasta factory in the world to obtain IGP (Protected Geographical Origin) certification for its pasta.

They are also the first pasta factory in Gragnano to make a strictly bronze extruded artisanal Gluten Free Pasta. Their gluten free products are made with special care in a separate, completely gluten-free facility to protect from any cross contamination.