Alba, Piedmont

Tartuflanghe’s story is one of a fearless journey across oceans, riding the winds of change, and the passion of multiple generations. It begins with Giuseppe “Beppe” Montenaro, who left his small hometown in the 1950s to start his career at Hotel Savona in nearby Alba, Piedmont, the epicenter of the world’s most precious truffles. From there, at the age of 18, his taste for adventure led him to travel the world as a cook on international cruise ships for the next 8 years. Equipped with the experience gained at sea, Beppe returned to Alba and, with his wife Domenica, opened the restaurant Da Beppe, in the heart of Alba, which became a reference point for truffle enthusiasts. Soon after, Beppe and Domenica founded Tartuflanghe, with the mission of ​​selecting and certifying the quality of Alba White Truffle and shipping it all over the world. 

They expanded their efforts beyond fresh truffles, and began to experiment and innovate ways to make truffles available beyond the short harvest season. 

Fast-forward nearly 50 years, and the duo is still at it, now joined by their children, Paolo and Stefania, who carry the family passion for quality, tradition and innovation. The family-run company stewards over 60 acres of lush forest near Alba, where they harvest three kinds of truffles.

They operate from a 6500 sq ft laboratory and factory continue to experiment and innovate, expanding Tartuflanghe’s products with more inventive creations, from infused pastas to truffle pearls, salts, honey, and even potato chips.