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Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Zia Pia has the holidays covered with a handpicked selection of beautiful and delicious Italian delicacies for all the different kinds of food lovers in your life. Check out our full selection of gift ideas below!



With sweet-yet-complex flavor profiles and gorgeous packaging from bygone eras, these gifts will win the heart of the hopeless romantic in your life.

Amaretti di Saronno - Square Tin

Lazzaroni’s legendary amaretti cookies are crisp and airy, with a distinctive bittersweet flavor. Each cookie is elegantly wrapped in fine tissue paper and packaged in a classic red tin, making for a beautiful gift. Perfect with espresso, dessert wine, after-dinner liqueurs, and romantic night caps.

Giusti Balsamic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

This gift set features Giuseppe Giusti's award-winning, 12 year aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. This syrupy, aged balsamic vinegar features hints of cherry, plum jam, honey and vanilla, while the extra virgin olive oil (made from native Sicilian olives) is medium fruity, with hints of green tomato, artichoke and herbs. Both are deeply complex, just like love. 


Holiday Strucà

Holiday Strucà is a classic Italian cake and the perfect Holiday gift, especially for those who are dairy free or dairy sensitive. This no-butter, dairy-free cake, is made with extra-virgin olive oil. It is light and airy, with the delicate honey-vanilla flavor of panettone. It is topped with icing and Bari almonds. We have Dark Chocolate Orange, Lemon, and Orange versions available!

Sweet Sicilian Pistachio and Almond Spreads 

These smooth, creamy, sweet pistachio or almond spreads with chunks of crunchy candied Sicilian nuts are sure to satisfy the sweets-lover in your life. Heraia uses the best raw materials, such as native Sicilian olive varietals, almonds, pistachios, and citrus fruit, grown on ancient lands, to produce their incredible products.


Chiostro di Saronno’s Cantuccioni are available in chocolate chip or almond flavors. Cantucci are a typical Tuscan speciality, among the most typical desserts representing the culinary tradition of this region. They are delicious with coffee or tea and dessert wine, to make the beginning, middle, or end of your day just a little bit sweeter. 



Delight and surprise the more discerning palates on your list, with this selection of epicurean products for the most selective of connoisseurs. 

DOP Traditional Balsamic of Modena 25 Years “Extravecchio”

Any self-respecting gourmand will tell you that Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is made exclusively of cooked grape must, aged for many years in wooden barrels where it naturally gets thicker and aromatic from year to year. The result is a velvety syrup with a rich, complex sweetness and slight smokey notes, that will instantly elevate any dish it touches. Check out our full range of Balsamics here

Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

A true epicure knows to use different extra virgin olive oils for different foods. This beautiful wooden chest contains the light and delicate Gran Cru Affiorato extra virgin oil, best suited for delicately flavored fish, shellfish and salads, and the robust, fruity Gran Cru Coratina extra virgin olive oil, ideal for dressing gilled meat, vegetables, and bruschetta.

Also see: Gran Cru Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



For that person that has everything, but still wants more, give the gift of quality and quantity, like this flavored olive oil selection in fun and colorful packaging. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set Trio in Tube

A perfect combination of Galantino's most popular "fused" extra virgin olive oils made by crushing native Apulian olives and herbs, fruits and aromatics together without the use of any added essences. The Trio gift set contains 3 tins of orange, rosemary, and peperoncino extra virgin olive oil flavors in an elegant box with Galantino's distinctive design. See more of our olive oil gift sets here



Liguria, The Cookbook

Laurel Evans, a friend of Zia Pia, incredible chef, television host, food writer and culinary guide has written the essential cookbook on Ligurian cuisine. From local twists on Italian favorites like fritto misto, risotto, and ravioli to lesser-known Ligurian specialties such as corzetti, this cookbook offers readers a personal journey into the heart of the foods of this timeless, yet ever-evolving region.  

Pasta di Liguria

Pair a copy of Liguria, The Cookbook, with this authentic, artisanal, organic pasta from the same region. Pasta di Liguria, led by the Minaglia brothers, specializes in pasta shapes unique to the region honoring centuries-old traditions of pasta making in the region, and pairs perfectly with the recipes in the cookbook.



For the home cook who’s not afraid to push the boundaries of taste, try these fun and flavorful gift ideas from Zia Pia. 

Peperoncino Spread

For the spicy foods fanatic in your life: finely chopped red chili peppers to add hot flavors to sauces and spreads. Still using only manual production methods, Kazzen is a small family company dedicated to preserving the traditional flavors of Pantelleria. 

Caccavella Gift Set

This kit will help the curious cook create a one of a kind, standout meal. Fill these beautiful jumbo pasta shells with whatever you like and bake them in the hand made terracotta bowls. The Caccavella Gift Set contains 4 jumbo shells, 4 handmade terracotta bowls and a dish towel.



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