Sun-drenched coastlines, picturesque towns and villages, extravagant churches, fresh, seasonal ingredients, superior extra virgin olive oils and excellent wines… Puglia really has it all. Located in the heel of Italy’s boot, this once underrated and overlooked part of the country has earned its rank amongst Italy's most famous regions, and for good reason. 

The combination of terrain and climate in Puglia has created an ideal environment for producing some of the most flavorful food and wine in the world. It is the least mountainous region in Italy, known for its low hills and flatlands ideal for agriculture, a great deal of which is certified organic. The climate, which is dry and sunny during the summer months and mild during the winter, is ideal for growing both olives and a variety of grapes, which are used to create the region’s famous extra virgin olive oils and fine wines. With an estimated 60 million olive trees, Puglia produces about 40% of all of Italy’s olive oil. Her hills are home to some of the oldest olive groves in the world, including some extraordinarily ancient ones. 

Not surprisingly, some of our very first products were from Puglia and we continue to work with many fabulous producers from this spectacular region. Check out the selection of producers below to bring home a taste of Puglia today!

Perche ci Credo

Frantoio Muraglia

Agricola Paglione

Frantoio Galantino




Image by Alessio Roversi on Unsplash