Carnaroli Rice

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gliAironi Carnaroli, with its well-shelled grains and great consistency, is ideal for risottos and salads

The germ (Gemma) is a key part of the rice grain. It represents its vital essence and contains vitamins and nutrients that are good for human health. The gliAironi rice is the only one on the market which retains the bud during its processing stage. That is why it was decided to bleach the grain as little as possible, with a delicate processing action that leaves the grains unrefined, thus preserving proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in the outer layer of the grain (especially in the bud) – a bud you can see, touch, and feel in all its fresh elasticity due to cells ready to generate a new rice sprout.

Net weight: 1 kg/2.2 lb