Vercelli, Piedmont

For the past five generations, Gli Aironi has focused on improving farming conditions in the Vercelli region of northern Italy. Until recently, rice farming was focused solely on reaping the maximum harvest which, over time, has damaged the wetlands of the area and endangered native species. Gli Aironi has been a leader in implementing less invasive agriculture and restoring the local ecosystem.

The heart of their production is Carnaroli rice, for which they select only the best batches in their pursuit of excellence. Their rice is minimally processed, retaining part of the germ where protein and vitamins A, D, E, and K are present. This is impossible with industrial processing methods, which cannot guarantee the retention of nutrients.

The company constantly seeks perfection, assisted by food scientist Michele Perinotti, and has led international chefs (including Jamie Oliver) to choose Gli Aironi rice.