Black Olive Spread / Tapenade, 190g

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Black Olive Spread: Taste the authentic flavor of black olives, extra virgin olive oil and herbs from Salento, Italy.

Ingredients: 72% Cellina black olives, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and oregano.

Indications for use:
• On pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
• On the meat
• On bread and bruschetta
• On pizzas

Perché Ci Credo (“Because I believe it”) offers a wide range of artisanal sauces and condiments with the intense flavors of Salento, Puglia, and an unmistakable fragrance of freshness. Absolutely no preservatives, additives or colorings or sugar! Their products are prepared according to the traditional passion and care that you recognize at first taste.

“I know, it is not a common name for a food company, and this is why I like it. It’s declaration of love for what I do and I want to share immediately with those who discover my products. ” — Enrico De Lorenzo, Perché Ci Credo

Perché Ci Credo tomato sauces are homemade using only top quality ingredients: onion, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and vegetables.