Arborio Rice

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gliAironi Arborio rice is a large-grained rice ideal for creamed risottos and timbales.

Their rice is minimally processed, retaining part of the proteins and vitamins A, D, E, and K on the surface. This is impossible with industrial processing methods, which cannot guarantee the prevention of chemicals accumulating on the shells.

For the past five generations, gliAironi has focused on improving farming conditions in the Vercelli region. The heart of their production is Carnaroli rice, for which they select only the best batches in the pursuit of excellence.

The company constantly searches for perfection, assisted by food scientist Michele Perinotti, and has led international chefs to choose gliAironi rice, thanks to its extraordinary contribution to quality cuisine. They even produce Carnaroli rice for Jamie Oliver! Most recently, gliAironi launched the organic brand Le Grange.

Net weight: 1 kg/2.2 lb