Le 4 “Caccavelle” 4 Jumbo Shells, 500g

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Le 4 Caccavelle – Giant Shell Pasta from La Fabbrica della Pasta, the first artisanal pasta maker in Gragnano to receive IGP certification! Comes beautifully packaged with a mini-CD containing recipes!

The first pasta factory in the world certified PGI (protected geographical identification) La Fabbrica Gragnano pasta, a pasta factory in town of Gragnano, combines 500 years of pasta tradition with the latest technology. Small – Large – Magic Secrets that are handed down from generation to generation by joining know-how and inventiveness of a very special craftsmanship !

It is with these characteristics that La Fabbrica della Pasta Gragnano is recognized and one of the most appreciated brands in the market for their high level of product quality.

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