Liguria, The Cookbook, by Laurel Evans

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Laurel Evans, a friend of Zia Pia, incredible chef, television host, food writer and culinary guide has written the essential cookbook on Ligurian cuisine. Laurel has American roots, but today resides in Milan with her family. 

Liguria – the home of pesto, focaccia, and the Cinque Terre – is also the source of a rich local cuisine, one that is vegetable-forward, inherently waste-conscious, and full of regional delights celebrated in this book. From local twists on Italian favorites like fritto misto, risotto, and ravioli to lesser-known Ligurian specialties such as corzetti, this cookbook offers readers a personal journey into the heart of the foods of this timeless, yet ever-evolving region. 

Grab a copy today to bring the flavors and techniques of traditional Ligurian dishes into your home!

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