Zané, Veneto

Pasticceria Filippi had its beginnings in 1972 in Zané, in the province of Vicenza, when Maria and Giuliano began baking authentic cakes and pastries using only the best ingredients they could find. Today, together with their sons Andrea and Lorenzo, the family continues to operate with their philosophy that quality products, made with care and passion, require time and care. All of their yeast risen cakes are made from the “mother dough”, a starter that contains natural yeast and beneficial microorganisms that give delicious flavor to their panettone and also keeps them fresher for longer.

Filippi is dedicated to sourcing their chocolate and vanilla from ethical producers and maintaining fair trade practices. All of their other ingredients are similarly chosen, such as fresh milk and butter delivered every day from the nearby village, free range eggs, and natural Italian honey.

Andrea and Lorenzo breathed new life into the company, studying innovations that could help streamline production, while respecting their family’s philosophy and prioritizing, above all, the artisanal quality of their products.

Their cakes and pastries are never rushed and each step in the process is carried out with great attentiveness and care. In all of Pasticceria Filippi cakes, you will taste the difference that time, loving attention, and quality ingredients make.