Lucera, Puglia

The story of Agricola Paglione is a story of love and respect for the land, the history, the food, and the wine of Daunia, the northernmost region of Puglia. The Albano-Faccilongo family has been working in agriculture for four generations and within the last 20 years they have transformed their estate and growing practices to 100% organic. Agricola Paglione embodies values like quality, authenticity, craftsmanship, biodiversity and sustainability.

Their efforts to promote sustainability and to preserve the integrity of their land extend to practices such as strict seasonal crop rotation and planting complementary fruit trees in their olive groves to encourage pollination from local bees. Each product is lovingly hand processed using techniques passed through generations from the family’s peasant ancestors. Agricola Paglione’s tomatoes are always processed within 24 hours of harvesting to ensure the freshest finished product.

Agricola Paglione continues to produce consistently delicious and authentic Italian foods, and their products have been recognized by food critics, press, and top chefs.