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Made from all organically farmed tomatoes, this Pomodoro Giallo, or yellow tomato puree, is smooth and ideal for both pasta and pizza.

The yellow tomato is an heirloom variety and in fact was the first tomato introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Yellow tomatoes are high in vitamins A, C, and B and have an intense flavor and aroma.

Care. Attention. Ethics. Passion. Quality. Authenticity. Intelligence. Artisanship. Biodiversity.

These are the values of Agricola Paglione, a producer who follows the short chain path of production and skillfully combines organic agricultural methods with artisan craftsmanship.

Working in agriculture for four generations, the Albano-Faccilongo family has in the past 16 years adopted only organic farming methods. Their production is based on a “short chain” of total control of all the steps in the food chain, from cultivation to marketing, allowing for total control of the finished product. The quality of their products is now recognized by food critics, press and top chefs. All Paglione products are produced exclusively from fresh tomatoes processed within 24 hours of picking.

Net weight: 1000 g/35.3 oz
Ingredients: Organic yellow cherry tomatoes, salt 

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