Agricola Filippone

Organic Sicilian Lavender

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Although lavender is best known as a fragrance, the versatile plant also boasts a myriad of culinary uses and can be quite useful kitchen companion. Its sweet, fragrant flavor complements a range of foods, both sweet and savory, but not all lavender should be used in cooking. Culinary lavender from Lavandula angustifolia plants (commonly known as English lavender) contains less oil than the aromatic lavender used in perfumes or soaps, and is therefore less potent and sweeter. Our organic, dried lavender makes a beautiful garnish for salads, desserts, and more. Toss into a salad to add a pop of color, sprinkle over ice cream, mix into honey, add to a glass of sparkling wine, or use it to decorate a romantic cake. We also recommend trying the Lavender & Rosemary Risotto from Laurel Evans' Ligurian cookbook, which you can find in Gifts!

Agricola Filippone, a family farm in Madonie Park, Sicily, grows organic Italian herbs with great care, following strict sustainability standards while preserving local food traditions. Their panoramic farm sits at 3,281 feet above sea level, where the herbs are grown in the Sicilian sunshine, harvested by hand and dried in open air. The elevation and nutrient content of the soil creates the perfect growing environment for top-quality, fragrant and flavorful herbs.

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Net weight: 25 g/0.9 oz

Ingredients: Organic Lavender