Rigatoni Ca’ Pont Gluten Free

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Rigatoni with a pointed end.

The first pasta factory in the world certified PGI (protected geographical identification) La Fabbrica della Pasta of Gragnano created the first and Gluten Free Artisan Pasta of Gragnano!

If you are looking for a gluten-free pasta that maintains the same texture and bite as artisanal dry pasta then this is for you! Try in all the gorgeous shapes.

Artisanal dry pasta from Gragnano that is gluten free! Made with the best rice and corn flour available and local spring water, bronze-drawn and slow-dried at a low temperature, this true Artisanal Pasta from Gragnano is the first to offer gluten free line. La Fabbrica della Pasta have been family-owned producers for 3 generations, and they transferred all the magical secrets of the true Artisan Pasta of Gragnano in their Gluten Free line.

Net weight: 500 g/1.1 lb

Ingredients: corn flour, rice flour, water