"Tre Testimoni" or Three Witnesses by George Custodi

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In 2005, among myriad personal effects left to him at his father’s death some sixteen years earlier, George Custodi discovered a diary his father had kept, documenting personal experiences as an Italian officer during World War II. Written in his native Italian tongue, George decided to translate the memoir for his family. When two more such personal journals came into his possession, they completed a haunting picture of the war from three distinct points of view. It was then that he decided the English-speaking residents of the world should have access to this treasure.

According to Dr. Donald M. McKale of Clemson University: “This book, which contains George Custodi’s excellent translations of three independently written diaries and memoirs [along with their unedited original Italian content], provides readers a rare glimpse into a terribly sad and tragic era in the history of modern Italy. While some Italians left behind documentation of their experiences in World War II published in their own language, almost no such records have appeared in English – until now.“The ‘three witnesses’ to that war appearing in this book symbolize, each in his own personal way, the unfortunate fate brought by the war to nearly all of Italy and its people. Translator George Custodi should receive considerable thanks and praise for making these valuable personal accounts available to the public.” 

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