Giuliano Tartufi

Sliced Summer Truffle by Giuliano Tartufi

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Sliced summer truffle preserved in water. Perfect addition to any pasta, sauce or pizza to make your weeknight meal a luxury for the whole family. 

“Giuliano Tartufi” was born from a hobby and a passion: Giuliano Martinelli would go into the forest each morning, before his factory shift, to hunt for truffles with his inseparable dog Leda. In 1986, he began buying and selling fresh truffles, participating in all the markets in the Pietralunga area. The years passed and Giuliano became not only a master truffle hunter, but also an expert trainer of truffle hunting dogs. He was gradually able to dedicate himself completely to his passion and he founded Giuliano Tartufi in 2001.

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Net Weight: 50g/12

Ingredients: summer truffle, sunflower oil, salt