Nocera Inferiore, Campania

Italianavera is an entrepreneurial, female-owned company in the San Marzano DOP area. Owner Diana Attianese continues her family’s passion and tradition with San Marzano tomatoes and more authentic local varieties of tomatoes by combining fresh, pure flavors and gorgeous packaging.

Inspired by her childhood in the San Marzano region, Diana’s goal was to bring the homemade tomato sauces from her youth to the rest of the world. Italianavera sauces are handmade and slow-cooked in small batches over a long period of time.

You will immediately notice the fresh, natural, whole Italian ingredients of the highest quality; this is what makes the difference in her sauces' visual appearance and flavor.

She started out with just three simple tomato sauces and has expanded the line to include whole tomatoes and beautifully designed gift boxes. Italianavera has been featured in various Italian magazines for the quality of her sauces, and has been featured as one of the Under 35 companies to watch.