Biscotti… and Beyond!

What is your favorite Italian cookie? In English, the word “biscotti” is synonymous with the sliced, firm, almond-studded Tuscan cookies, but the word actually refers to any and all cookies, from shortbread to marzipan. The most famous Italian cookies, of course, are Cantucci, the oblong-shaped, twice-baked almond biscuits that originated in the Tuscan city of Prati. They are traditionally served as an after-dinner treat, to be dipped in the smooth, amber colored dessert wine, Vin Santo. Almond cantucci are the most classic flavor, but today you can find many delicious varieties, from chocolate orange cantucci to lemon biscotti to fruit and seeds biscotti

Let’s not forget another famous Italian cookie: the inimitable Amaretti di Saronno. This bitter-sweet, airy, crisp cookie is made simply with sugar, egg whites and apricot kernels, which give them their distinct flavor. They are even more delicious when paired with espresso, dessert wine and after-dinner liqueurs. There are various brands of Amaretti di Saronno, but the most notable is Lazzaroni. Since 1718, the Lazzaroni family has crafted amaretti cookies in Saronno, Italy according to their family's traditional recipe.

So, are you team cantucci or team amaretto? Not sure? Shop our store now and order both, just to be sure.