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January’s dinner box

Hearty and rich winter soup recipes and ready to cook risotto keep you warm. Snack on these absolutely stunning Apulian taralli made with 100% extra virgin olive oil — this is how taralli are meant to be! Enjoy them with some wine before your soup. Oh, and we couldn’t go without sending you Sabadì’s Sesso chocolate in time for Valentine’s Day.


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Borlotti beans

Borlotti beans, 500g

Borlotti Beans, 500g

Borlotti beans are rich in flavor and easy to cook with thanks to their very thin skin. They are ideal for soups and are a complete source of nutrients, especially protein.


Farro, 500g

Farro Dicocco, 500g

Farro Dicocco belongs to the variety Dicocco (Triticum Dicoccum) and is one of the oldest varieties of the grain that exists in the world. It has been cultivated since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Like most whole grains, farro contains a substantial amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Farro is a great natural and healthy ingredient, ideal for making soups and salads, or used in place of rice. Farro Dicocco cooks quickly - rinse in cold water, then boil in salted water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Taralli Pugliesi

Taralli Pugliesi by Galantino

Taralli Pugliesi by Frantoio Galantino

Let's talk about these taralli. They are large in size, so it takes several bites to eat just one. They are made with 100% Galantino extra virgin olive oil and NO palm oil! They contain fennel seeds and have the most authentic flavor I've ever experienced this side of the ocean. But there is a catch. They have a very short shelf life, so they are available NOW in very limited quantity. Get them while they last!

Wonderful with wine, with antipasto, or as a satisfying snack.

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saffron risotto

Saffron Risotto - ready to cook

Ready-to-cook Saffron Risotto made with gliAironi's minimally processed carnaroli rice and saffron threads. This line of Gli Aironi ready to serve risottos is made using the best ingredients for those who do not have much time to spend in the kitchen yet who not want to give up on the flavor and quality of the best ingredients.

To make, simply add to a pot with extra virgin olive oil, toast for a few minutes while stirring, then add a splash of white wine or water. Slowly add more water until rice thickens. Makes a creamy flavorful risotto.


"Affiorato" Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Galantino

Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained using the centuries-old method of hand-skimming the small quantity (2-3%) of olive oil that naturally rises to the surface of the olive paste after milling but before undergoing cold-pressing and centrifugal separation. The olives are crushed with no additional production process. Affiorato extra virgin olive oil is full-bodied and perfectly balanced in taste and fragrance.

SESSO” (SEX) Cold-processed organic chocolate

"SESSO" (SEX) Cold-Processed Organic Chocolate

Cold-processed organic chocolate with maca, damiana extract, and cola nuts


January dinner box ingredients including carrot, celery, sage, onion and garlic

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Product Description

Gorgeous artisanal foods and Italian inspiration in a monthly dinner box delivery 

Simple-to-execute recipes, high-quality ingredients!

Here’s how it works: 


Each month we carefully select and assemble a complementary assortment of our foods.


Buy the complete monthly dinner box shown with one click. Boxes contain our selections, recipe card, and suggestions on how to use and prepare the ingredients. We also include stories about the producers we buy from in Italy. Feel free to use the suggested recipes or get a little creative with the products on your own!


Browse and customize your delivery according to your needs. Need a good olive oil? Add it to your box! You already have tons of pasta in your pantry? Leave it out of this month’s box!


The monthly box will range from $75-$85 each month and represents a savings off of individually priced products. Spend the value of the box and get free delivery.


Take the work out of it by  subscribing to automatically receive our selections each month. Subscribers receive extra perks. You are our VIPs, so expect product specials, extras, invitations and more!

We can also prepare dinners for you and your guests. Contact us for details.

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"SESSO" (SEX) Cold-Processed Organic Chocolate

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