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Dinner box, custom


Rustic crostini with Sicilian lemon preserve, ricotta, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic + Farro salad


Simple-to-execute recipes, high-quality ingredients, delicious dinners

Choose what kind of box you’d like and we will help you with recipe ideas and ingredients. Get involved or leave it to us.

Box ideas can range from dinner + dessert, antipasto, dinner only or dessert only.

Choose from the recipes in our blog or email us and we’ll help.

Boxes include all the primary ingredients necessary to prepare the recipes: artisanal pasta, grains and legumes, extra virgin olive oil, house made fresh pesto or pesto ingredients, spreads, sauces, chocolate and balsamics, fresh local produce, cheeses, charcuterie and more. We source only fine ingredients.

Makes a fabulous gift!

Please note that custom boxes are priced to order.


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