Borlotti beans
Borlotti beans

Borlotti beans, 500g


Borlotti Beans, 500g

Borlotti beans are rich in flavor and easy to cook with thanks to their very thin skin. They are ideal for soups and are a complete source of nutrients, especially protein.

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Borlotti Beans, 500g

Borlotti beans are a variety of very delicate beans, large and tender. They are rich in flavor, easy to cook with very thin skin. The Borlotti beans are ideal for soups and are complete and rich in nutrients.The beans are striped red striped and have a rich taste and excellent cooking stability.Cook time is about 20 to 30 minutes, after rinsing in cold water and soaking overnight.

Our Producers

La Chiona is an estate located in Spello, an ancient walled town in the Southern Umbria Valley. Their focus is on quality, authenticity and nutrional value, producing many hard-to-find grains and legumes native to the region. They use no fertilizers or pesticides, and harvest and package their products according to their singular objective to preserve the original integrity and nutrients.

Since 2004 the farm has been fully dedicated to the cultivation of local and ancient varieties, that grow in the Umbria Region and surroundings.  Today we grow and harvest local varieties of cereals and grains.

Procedures for growing, harvesting, dressing and final packaging preserve the original integrity and nutrients of the products – the proteins, fibers and vitamins that make the grains we love healthy to eat.

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