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Almond Cream, 120g

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This authentic Sicilian sweet spread is intoxicating with its deliciously sweet aroma and flavor. Made with the estate extra virgin olive oil, Sicilian almonds and chocolate. Spread on bread, cakes, use as a dip for berries, make it into a mousse, try on ice cream… or eat out of the jar!

Ingredients: Almonds (30%), cocoa, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, milk powder, salt, soy lecithin.

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Sweet creams have always been a constant presence in Sicily’s traditional desserts. Spread on bread or also as a filling for crêpes, pastries, cake and pies. Try on ice cream, or as a dip for fresh berries and fruit! Serve with salty pretzels or chips as a fun and unique snack.

These creams are made exclusively with natural ingredients, with no compromises on quality, using only estate extra virgin olive oil as a base. The quality of raw materials guarantees an unparalleled authentic flavor, which is also delicious right out of the jar.

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