Siclian Salted Sardines, 600g

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Sardines, together with anchovies, are part of the blue fish family and contain a very high level of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids necessary to preserve good health and prevent heart disease. The ancient method of salt curing is still the safest and best to maintain the real flavor of the fish and smell of the sea.

For four generations Recca family's name has been related to the craftmade production of fish in Sicily. What was born in the 30's as a small family-run company is nowadays a well-established company. A goal that owes its merits not only to the quality of the source of the fish, carefully selected, controlled and exclusively of Mediterranean origin, but also to the type of fish processing itself, which still takes place according to the old traditional method that ensure a very high level of quality and the unchanged freshness of the final product.