Siano Burrata, 7oz bag

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Fresh Burrata made locally in Charlotte by the Siano family.

7oz bag contains two balls of fresh burrata.

Originally from the region of Puglia, burrata (pronounced boor-rah-tah) is one of the most delicious, creamy and flavorful cheese on earth. It is one of the best-known assets and appreciated by all lovers of fine Italian cuisine. Its uniqueness lies in the fact of being a dual structure cheese: this special product consists of an outer shell of mozzarella, filled in with a mix of strips of mozzarella and cream, called “Stracciatella”. Traditionally, each stage of the process is totally manual and, for the filling, the pieces of mozzarella are hand striped. The difference between the Italian burrata and the commercial one you can currently find in the U.S. is precisely the different way of making the filling. Instead of the hand striped mozzarella you usually find either pieces of uncooked curds or grinded mozzarella. With either techniques you lose all the flavor and texture. Siano is all about tradition and attention to details. That’s why we follow the Italian recipe and procedure. Burrata is delicious paired with crusty bread and flavorful ingredients like prosciutto, tomatoes, olives, nuts and herbs.