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Colomba Easter cake without dried fruit, topped with Sicilian almonds and crunchy sugar icing.

There are many legends, some dating back to the 6th century, regarding how the Easter cake came to be shaped like a dove. Most of them revolve around the dove as a symbol of peace. However, these ancient colomba wouldn't look the the ones we enjoy today. The current shape has only been around since the 1930s. 

Fiasconaro was founded in 1953 by Mario Fiasconaro who started his pastry business with a small ice cream shop in Sicily. He and his sons honed their craft over the years to produce some of Italy's best panettone while remaining loyal to their humble roots. Fiasconaro sources some of Sicily's best fruit, nuts, and chocolate to create their truly unique and award winning cakes.

Using only carefully selected ingredients, the panettone are made by hand with a naturally leavened sourdough. The dough can take up to 36 hours to rise and thus develops a signature texture and flavor.

Net weight: 1kg/2.2lb

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