Monocultivar Dolce Agogia EVOO 750ml

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Extra virgin olive oil from Umbria

Established in 2011 and currently represented by Angelica Pistelli and her mother, Francesca R. Cassano, Terre di Grifonetto is a brand name inspired by Grifonetto Baglioni (a charming, historical, Renaissance protagonist of Perugia), to tie the rich, regional history and centuries old family business to the company’s modern identity. Angelica and Francesca’s family has owned and worked this land since the second half of the 16th century and have an absolute dedication to preserve and protect the authentic organoleptic characteristics and healthy properties of Terre di Grifonetto extra virgin olive oil.

Every elegant bottle of Dolce Agogia Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% Italian made according to the strictest standards. Each bottle comes with an integrated pourer, a bilingual (italian/english) card indicating the cultivars and the organoleptic notes, and QR code. Terre di Grifonetto Dolce Agogia Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a perfect gift.

About Terre di Grifonetto

Magical Umbria is the land of Terre di Grifonetto olive oil, at Montemeliono di Magione near Perugia, overlooking Lake Trasimeno. A young company, founded in 2011, Terre di Grifonetto is establishing itself with the highest quality standards, embracing the virtues of the past with great attention to design, art, and above all, taste.

The image on the front label is taken from Rafael’s The Deposition once on display in the S. Francesco al Prato church in Perugia and depicts Grifonetto Baglioni, the charming protagonist of Renaissance history in Perugia and a symbol of the extraordinary cultrual and artistic heritage of this land.

Simple and genuine, created with passion, Terre di Grifonetto extra virgin olive oil is borne from great attention to detail in every step of the production process from olive cultivation to picking and from pressing to bottling… from dream to actual realization.

Preserving tradition and the memory of the past by protecting the land and respecting rhythms of nature; looking to the future by introducing technological innovations wherever possible, all without compromising the authentic integrity of extra virgin olive oil, its pleasant organoleptic characteristics and nutritive properties… all of this is the foundation of Terre di Grifonetto.