Mandarin Marmalade

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Marmalade made from mandarin oranges grown on Pantelleria according to traditional farming methods.

Please note this product is 100% natural, artisanally produced with NO citric acid or other preservatives or colorants, Just the fresh fruit and sugar. Therefore, oxidation may occur affecting the color of the product in the clear jars when exposed to light. This is a totally natural occurrence and is a sign of the natural quality of the product. Enjoy!

Kazzen was founded in 2004 by the D'Ancona brothers with the mission to develop and conserve the native capers and agriculture of their home, the island of Pantelleria. They use their family land to cultivate and produce their award-winning products. In 2005 they won their first flavor award with their Pesto Pantesco, and have continued to win awards and be recognized for their typical products. Still using only manual production methods, Kazzen is a small family company dedicated to preserving the traditional flavors of their island.

Net weight: 230 g/8.1 oz
Ingredients: mandarin oranges, sugar