Isabella Honey Candy with Lemon and Rosemary by Sabadì

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Organic, artisanal, handmade hard candy made with orange blossom honey from Sicilian honeybees, cane sugar and essential oils. These candies contain only 3 simple ingredients and do not contain thickeners, stabilizers or food coloring. The candy is cooked over a direct flame and because it contains no glucose syrup, there is great skill involved in controlling the temperature of the liquid candy to ensure it hardens properly. 

Individually packaged in compostable wrappers!

About Sabadì 

Sabadì is located in Sicily, a beautiful and exciting land, rich in light and contrast, where you can still savor the slow passing of time and afford the luxury of cultivating great passions.

They use only naturally produced cane sugar without the use of bleaching chemicals, with different degrees of refining. It comes from fair trade producers in Costa Rica and the Philippines where environmental protection and tropical forest conservation are of great importance.

Net weight: 40 g/1.41 oz
Ingredients: brown sugar, Sicilian orange blossom honey, lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil

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