Organic Fava Bean Animaletti

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Organic Fava Bean Animaletti-nutrient dense animal shaped pasta!

In the heart of Tuscany Pastificio Fiorentino combines top quality organic legumes with whole grain brown Carnaroli rice to make a pasta that is rich in nutrients, 100% organic, and naturally gluten-free. The legumes used to make the pasta are grown on land that has been cultivated with great care and passion by the same family for three generations. The addition of the Carnaroli creates great tasting pasta that is always al-dente. The legumes are steamed to ensure the maximum retention of nutritional benefits. The land on which they are grown has been treated completely naturally since the 1970s to guarantee a production cycle that is completely free of pesticides and thanks to crop rotation, preserves the richness of the Tuscan soil.

Net weight: 250 g/8.8 oz

Ingredients: fava bean flour 75%, wholemeal rice 25%