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A smooth creamy, sweet almond spread with chunks of crunchy candied Sicilian almonds. Add to a slice of warm, crusty bread or to top cakes, muffins and cookies. 

Heraia was born from a desire to preserve and celebrate all aspects of Sicilian culture. The best raw materials, such as native Sicilian olive varietals, almonds, pistachios, and citrus fruit, grown on ancient lands, are used to produce their incredible products. Heraia prioritizes preservation of their lands by responsibly cultivating the native olives and fruits and choosing sustainable packaging.

Heraia created its products around a theme of Greek mythology to honor the history and heritage of the island of Sicily: Prosperina is Persephone, the Greek goddess of the Underworld. She was stolen from a field in Sicily by Hades and taken to the Underworld to be his queen. She returns to Earth in the springtime and her return marks the changing of the seasons.

Net weight: 100g/3.5oz
Ingredients: sugar, almonds, vegetable fat (peanuts, cocoa, palm, shea, rapeseed), vegetable oil (sunflower), milk powder, soy protein, glucose syrup, dextrose, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, soy lecithin, salt, antioxidant E307, natural flavors.

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