Frantoio Pruneti

Black + White Collection EVOO Gift Set

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The Black & White collection offers two intensities of extra virgin olive oil for those who want to explore both delicate and strong flavors and have both at their fingertips for use in preparing different dishes. Pruneti is able to formulate distinct flavor profiles and intensities with precision and care through the harvesting, milling, and pressing processes.

+ Leggero: medium/light-fruity oil with notes of freshly cut grass, pine nuts and lettuce. Pair with delicate fish, white meat, salads, and steamed vegetables.
+ Intenso: medium/intense-fruity oil with both bitter and spicy hints and notes of artichoke, green radicchio and nutmeg made from a blend of Frantoio and Moraiolo olives. Pair with rich soups and bitter vegetables; ideal for drizzling over grilled meat.

Located in Chianti, Gianni and Paolo Pruneti are the fourth generation to proudly carry the torch of the family estate, renowned for the production of the high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oils, as well as irises for French perfumeries. The Pruneti brothers take great care in every step of the production process, timing the harvest the green olives perfectly, assuring they are pressed immediately after being collected by hand, and employing cutting-edge equipment to better control temperature and avoid oxidation during grinding, resulting in a high quality, smooth, fragrant and award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

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Net weight: 2 100ml/3.4oz
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil