B-Scottini, Cookies with chocolate hazelnut, lemon, orange chocolate cookies, 220g

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The B-Scottini are available in two selections of 220g: candied lemon, chocolate and candied orange, chocolate and hazelnuts grain,  and candied cherries, coconut and berries and buckwheat on the other. A true Shakespearean dilemma to choose between these two gifts… better take both! In elegant tins.

B-scottini selection | BIL 6112 | 220 g

Pasticceria Filippi has its beginnings in 1972 in Zané, in the province of Vicenza, when Maria and Giuliano began baking authentic cakes and pastries using only the best ingredients they could find. Today, together with their sons Andrea and Lorenzo, the family continues to operate with their philosophy that everything that is made well, with care and passion, requires time. Quality products need “slow” time and attention. You will taste the difference that time, loving attention and quality ingredients makes in all of Pasticceria Filippi products. This is panettone the way it is meant to taste.