Paglia e Fieno Fettuccine, 250g

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In Paglia e Fieno Fettuccine, i.e., “Straw and Hay” Fettuccine, the traditional egg pasta is combined with the pasta flavored with spinach to obtain a light taste and two colors inspired by the life of the grain. They are the most classic type of flavored pasta. The “Straw and Hay” Fettuccine are ideal with ragu, vegetables and cheese sauces.

The quality of non-GMO Italian wheat selected makes it nutritious and easy to digest even for those with gluten sensitivities. The eggs are local, from free-range hens and provide extra protein.

This exceptional egg pasta is full of flavor, has a light bouncy texture and cooks in just 3 minutes.

Antica Pasta by Marcozzi di Campfilone make exquisite homemade egg pasta and farro pasta by using select all-Italian ingredients according to the Campofilone tradition dating from 1400.

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