Chiostro Vintage Assortment 175g 6.2oz

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Mix of Crunchy Amaretti, Soft Amaretti and Baci, wrapped in colored paper in vintage Italian tin.

Since 1718, the Lazzaroni family has crafted amaretti cookies in Saronno, Italy according to their family's traditional recipe. Lazzaroni's legendary amaretti cookies, or Amaretti Di Saronno, are crafted from a mixture of sugar, apricot kernels, and egg whites. The results of Lazzaroni's traditional process are crisp, airy cookies with a distinctive bittersweet flavor. Perfect with espresso, dessert wine, and after-dinner liqueurs.

Baci di Saronno are a speciality originally from Piedmont. They are named "Baci" because they are two round cookies that seem to be romantically kissing, held together by a drop of chocolate. The "Cloister of Saronno" is an old Franciscan cloister situated in the center of Saronno and is the seat of the Company.

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