Pie with Sicilian Lemon-flavored Custard

I know it’s summer. I know there’s fresh fruit everywhere. But, why not enjoy the fruits of the season all year long? That’s why someone created jams and preserves a long time ago. And if you’re passionate is about citrus fruit, you know we’ve got the best.

Why get lemons from other countries when you can get the famous ones (femminello) from Sicily, where sun, sea, fresh air and environment contribute to make them as they are?

And you can find all these elements in a jar, eat them whenever you want, however you want.

Let’s go through some easy ideas:

Beyond eating Trimarchi di Villa Marchese Lemon Jam plain with a spoon (which is still the best idea), we might prepare a “Crostata alla Crema Cotta Aromatizzata al Limone di Sicilia” which means Pie with Sicilian Lemon-flavored Custard.

We need:

short pastry crust (180 grams)
whole milk (350 grams)
heavy cream (150 grams)
sugar (220 grams)
egg yolks (135 grams- around 7)
corn starch (40 grams)
5 or 6 tablespoons of Trimarchi Lemon Jam,
raspberries (as many as you want),
powdered sugar ( q.b.)

Let’s make the cream:

Bring milk and heavy cream to the boiling point; whip yolks, sugar and corn starch for a couple of minutes; add this mixture to the hot milk and heavy cream and stir with a whisk on the fire for a while but keep in mind that we don’t want any lump so do not cook it too long (half a minute will be enough time); add the Trimarchi Lemon Jam and stir; put everything in another cool container and cover with some plastic paper.

Roll the short pastry crust till half a centimeter high and put it in a baking tray, where you had put some butter previously so the pie won’t stick. Add the mixture of milk, yolks etc and put in an already hot oven at a 200 celsius degrees for 25 minutes.

Some raspberries and powdered sugar as decorations once it’s cool.