Pappardelle with an Organic Pork White Ragout

When I hear pappardelle I suddenly think of wildboar, even because i come from Umbria but who said we can’t use pork with them if we don’t have any wildboar to cook? And why not a good organic pork? Even better.

Keep in mind that we could cook whatever we want, the important thing, at least in my opinion ,is do that using high quality products.

We’ll make a white ragout, beause it sounds good to me today but if you want to make it red just wait for the next episode to know how exactly you should do to get a great result.

We’re not about preparing a dessert where you need to be precise in terms of quantities and temperature and so on; I won’t give you the exact quantities because I truly believe that if you want to learn some cooking you need to decide how much of each ingredient you’ll be using, and maybe get it wrong the first time but the second will be fine and you’ll have made it by yourself!

You will need some:

Pappardelle from Antica Pasta,  pork ribs and a piece of lean meat like sirloin, better if there is still the bone, onions, celery, garlic, organic EVOO from Terre di Grifonetto, white dry wine, Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese,   rosemary, one bay leaf, a few juniper berries, salt and pepper.

It’s really easy: put some EVOO in a pot and let the onions and the celery, already cut in small pieces of course, cook for a while at a low flame until the onions get some colour. Chop the garlic and add it and turn on the fire again for a few seconds.

Sautè the pork ribs and the sirloin with the bone, both already seasoned with salt and pepper, with some EVOO in another pot or roasted them if you prefer. They have in any case to get brown coloured.

Then add the meat to the vegetables, add the rosemary, the bay leaf, and the juniper berries and let the meat cook and get some taste. Then add the wine. Let it reduce. Add some vegetable broth or just water if you do’t have any.

Let it cook until the meat is really tender keeping adding broth or water . When the pork is ready take it off from the pot, keep the meat and throw the bones away. Put the meat back in the pot after having chopped it or cut in pieces. You will have to have a ragout, not a liquid soup so keep attention to not add too much liquid while you get close to have the meat cooked.

Cook the pappardelle in some boiling water for a few minutes. Add the cooked “al dente” pappardelle to the ragout. Stir for a while to let them get flavoured. Turn the fire off. Add Parmigiano or Grana and some EVOO.

That’s it.

Buon appetito,


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