Paccheri alla Puttanesca with Capers and Anchovies Paté

Made with so many wonderful native Sicilian raw ingredients, Trimarchi di Villa Marchese’s Sicilian patés may be used as a flavorful base for pasta sauces. Today I used their Capers and Anchovies pate as a base for my puttanesca sauce. I wanted to try this as a simplification of the traditional puttanesca recipe for those times when we may not have anchovies and capers readily available.

If you love a strong capers and anchovies flavor, simply add more of the pate to the sauce, and you may consider the large 1kg jar of the pate. Once opened, the remaining pate in the jar will last several weeks in the refrigerator.

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Capers and Anchovies Pate

Passata di Pomodoro “Contadina” (for its wonderful chunky fresh tomato pulp)

Pitted black Apulian olives

Extra virgin olive oil

Peperoncino / red chili pepper (or, as a substitute, try mixing in a small spoonful of Peperoncino Pate)

Fresh Italian parsley, chopped

Pecorino cheese, grated

Sea Salt, to taste


First, bring a large pot (paccheri are large pasta and expand while cooking, be sure to give them plenty of water) of salted water to boil. While the water is heating, crush a couple of cloves of garlic and sauté with extra virgin olive oil in a medium sauce pan. (If you are in a rush or do not have fresh garlic on hand you may also skip this step since the pate also has garlic in it! I just enjoy a little extra garlic flavor.) If you like it very spicy, you may also add in your red pepper at this stage, allowing its flavor to cook into the oil. Stir in the entire 110g jar of the Capers and Anchovies paté (see note above; if you like a stronger flavor simply add more paté!), allowing it to mix and combine with the warm oil. Add the tomato sauce and olives. Stir well, mixing. Add salt to taste.

When the paccheri are just nearly al dente, drain them, reserving a little of the pasta cooking water. Combine your sauce with the pasta, stirring on a high heat, allowing the sauce to coat and absorb into the paccheri as it finishes cooking.

Plate and top with fresh chopped Italian parsley, peperoncino (to taste) and pecorino cheese.

Buy this recipe and all the ingredients with the September Selection.