November Selection

Just in time for seasonal feasting, we bring you regional specialties worthy of thanks-giving.

Marcozzi’s Maccheroncini di Campofilone is the original, classic Marche Region-certified egg pasta that has made Campofilone famous. Made with stone ground wheat and 100% organic Italian eggs, this product is very special, we think you will agree. To be enjoyed mixed with a simple, light dressing of extra-virgin olive oil sautéed with garlic (and perhaps some peperoncino). Grate some fresh parmigiano on top. Divine.

Also by Marcozzi, gorgeous, thick 100% handcrafted Pappardelle for your perfect bolognese.

Agricola Paglione’s Pomodorini in Passata (not actual picture, we found a way to bring this to our delivery customers even before our shipment has arrived), tomatoes from 100% organic farming.

For some seasonal spice, Nutmeg Fettuccine by Antica Pasta. Must try with the included regional recipe. Gorgonzola sauce. Need I say more?

Organic extra-virgin olive oil by Terre di Grifonetto. Read about this producer in our Producer Spotlight this month, and wish them (and us!) well as we represent them in New York for Eataly’s Sensational Umbria month.

Preserves by Trimarchi di Villa Marchese, whose inherited land in Sicily they turned back over to the earth and now naturally cultivate their native Sicilian herbs, vegetables, olive and nut trees, which they then jar in these remarkably flavorful preserves for you to enjoy.

At the end of this month is Thanksgiving and we are thankful for you, our monthly delivery customers. Don’t miss the tiny surprise at the bottom of your bags, a preview of what is coming next month…