November Dinner Box: Pollo alla Cacciatora (Hunter’s Wife’s Chicken)

This delicious and flavorful chicken dish is named in honor of the hunter’s wife, who would traditionally prepare it on the eve of the hunt for fuel.

Box includes all the primary ingredients you need for the recipe:

+ All-natural hormone and antibiotic-free chicken from Salem Hills Farms

+ Organic hand-peeled tomatoes from Agricola Paglione

+ Handmade Tomato Fettuccine from Antica Pasta of Campofilone

+ Fresh all-natural, pesticide and fertilizer-free herbs from Rosemary Pete

+ Onion and garlic sourced from Greeneman Farms

+ Chicken broth

Plus, a card containing information on the products and their producers, complete recipes and nutritional commentary by The Whole Tulip.

Choose local delivery for the Charlotte uptown area; free pick up at the 7th Street Public Market, USPS shipping everywhere else.

Recipe inspiration and photography from Saveur.