Monthly Selection – October

The fresh, crisp days of October are perfect for staying healthy, fit and energetic, so this month enjoy Spinach Fettuccine (what is more healthy than Spinach?) by Antica Pasta, and Marcozzi’s famous Farro Pasta – made only with whole farro grain and water. Farro is an ancient grain that is packed with cholesterol-lowering fiber, as well as minerals that reduce tension and complex carbs that maintain your energy level. You’ll love its pleasant nutty flavor. Verrigni’s Organic Spaghetti completes our focus on health this month, along with the charming Cubetti Tricolore for hot soups on chilly October evenings! Note to parents: the spinach pasta and cubetti are a great way for kids to enoy healthy eating. Drizzle your pasta with tasty flavor of garlic extra-virgin olive oil to add some depth of flavor. Finish your meal with a dose of Health and Youth – Quality of Life organic chocolate by Sabadi.

Get ready for our long-awaited balsamics, tomatoes, pates and spreads next month! Happy October!

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