March Springtime Selection

March Selection: Spring Fever
*Delivery Day March 14*

After this winter I think we are all feeling a bit of Spring Fever. Spring makes me think of newly growing grass, or hay. So, in celebration of grass, hay and Spring we have created the March Selection. 

Pesto of Wild Fennel by Trimarchi di Villa Marchese. The word “fennel” came from the Latin feniculum, the diminutive of fenum, meaning hay.  More etymology: according to Wikipedia the Greek name for fennel is marathon or marathos, and the place of the famous battle and the sports event Marathon, literally means a plain with fennels. So eat your fennel pesto and run one of the many races (like the Elizabeth 8k) this Spring. Trimarchi’s pesto of wild fennel is perfect on pasta, on bruschetta or crackers and on meats!

Paglia e Fieno Fettuccine by Antica Pasta. “Paglia e Fieno” means “Straw and Hay.” This yellow and green fettuccine combines to make a stunning two-color presentation on plate. The green is made with spinach. Try it with your fennel pesto, or with a tomato sauce for more color contrast.

Organic EVOO by Terre di Grifonetto. Cold-pressed organic blend of native Umbrian Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo olives extracted solely through mechanical means. From the prestigious Umbrian family-owned producer.

Pomodorini Pugliesi by Agricola Paglione. Don’t let their tiny size fool you. They are bursting with flavor from the Apulian sun! These are 100% organic cherry tomatoes from Puglia. You can cook with them (simply sauté with EVOO and garlic) or put them on toothpicks and use for appetizers and snacks. Or, toss them in your salad!

Dark chocolate covered hazelnuts by Giraudi. These are toasted Piedmontese hazelnuts, covered in minimum 66% dark chocolate, made by one of Piedmont’s finest artisan confectioners.

If you have asked us not to give you chocolate, we will automatically substitute with: Verrigni Pennoni Tricolore.