Know What You’re Eating

If you understand any Italian at all, you absolutely must watch this documentary on the Italian news network RAI, “Sai Cosa Mangi” (Do you Know What You’re Eating). It talks about how some of the most “Italian” products: Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Grain, that are imported into the US with the “Made in Italy” label are not actually Italian products. Tomatoes (some labeled as “San Marzano”) grown in Chinese concentration camps then shipped to Italy as a “triple concentrate” where the Italian company then just adds water, cans them and puts the “Made in Italy” label. Olive oil made from olives not grown in Italy…. Grain shipped in from Canada and other countries, subject to contamination during transport, is used to make Italian pasta and breads.

What does all this mean for you? Trust your importer, know where your food comes from. Zia Pia works only with non-industrial producers who guarantee the origin of their raw materials. That means only Italian wheat in our pastas. Authentic Extra-Virgin olive oil made with olives from the producer’s estate. Tomatoes planted, grown, harvested and jarred on the same farm in Puglia. Sicilian preserves and pestos made with native herbs, citrus and nuts. Not watered down, not shipped in from other countries and then re-exported. Authentic Italian foods. Taste the difference and feel good knowing what you are eating.

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