January Selection

Our January Selection will warm you up with Hot Chocolate, hot soups, and some fine ingredients to turn even a quick meal into something very special.

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Pontevecchio IGP Balsamic Vinegar from Modena – Awarded the European Protected Geographical Origin status in 2009, this fine balsamic is aged 6 years, 3 barrels, so it is a little thicker than younger balsamics aged 1-2 years. You can taste the authentic, sweet balsamic flavor and its very low acidity. A fine balsamic suitable for uses in grilling, dressings, and of course to top ice cream and berries! From the renowned Leonardi family in Modena, and no added sulfites, of course.

Agricola Paglione Ready-made Tomato Sauce – Keep it simple and enjoy this ready-made tomato sauce containing only 100% organic tomatoes, basil, extra-virgin olive oil and salt for a quick meal you can feel good about! 

Antica Pasta Quadrelli: Use these tricolor quadrelli for your winter broths and minestrine! Also makes great kid food, where you can feel great about the 9.2grams of protein in each serving. Egg pasta made with 100% whole Italian eggs according to the tradition of Campofilone.

Pasta Mancini Fusilli: Try Pasta Mancini’s Fusilli and experience the rough texture, chewier consistency and full, satisfying flavor of this bronze-extruded and slow-dried artisanal pasta made from wheat grown in in the fields surrounding their factory in the beautiful countryside of Le Marche.

Sabadì Hot Chocolate – Warm up with this “Italian style” thick, hot chocolate made with real chocolate, not powder. Simply stir the wooden spoon containing the chocolate into a cup of hot milk, watch it melt, add sugar to taste. In “Classic” Dark Chocolate or “Mixed” with Extra Dark, Ginger and Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Cloves and Cardamom and Peperoncino!