Farro Salad

This simple recipe makes a delicious farro salad using just a few great ingredients. You can always add or substitute other ingredients and easily customize this recipe with whatever you have in the kitchen!


1 bag farro, 500g
1-2 zucchini
2 red peppers
1 jar artichokes
extra virgin olive oil with peperoncino
extra virgin olive oil with garlic
Parmiggiano reggiano


Rinse the farro using tap water. Cook the farro in salted boiling water according to package directions, then cool it down under cool tapwater.

Rinse and let dry, then season with flavored extra virgin olive oils. Place in the fridge.

Cut the zucchini and the red peppers in small pieces. Sauté just the zucchini using evoo, garlic and basil. throw garlic and basil away…you need those just to flavor the oil and then the zucchini.

Cool the zucchini down and mix together with the farro; add the red peppers in the farro too and the artichokes already cut in smaller pieces.

Add salt if needed and serve.